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We Gon Be Alright Wins the Northern California Nonfiction Book of the Year!
Who We Be
The Colorization of America
Visit: whowebe.net

"Who We Be is ambitious in its scope, an impressive gathering of a wide range of artists of color, with their creative interventions and politically charged war stories."

—Tricia Rose, New York Times Book Review

New York Times Editors Choice
Ray & Pat Browne Award For Best Work in Popular Culture and American Culture
NAACP Image Award finalist
Books For A Better Life Award finalist
Northern California Book Award finalist
Dayton Literary Peace Prize finalist

Race. A four-letter word. The greatest social divide in American life, a half-century ago and today.

During that time, the U.S. has seen the most dramatic demographic and cultural shifts in its history, what can be called the colorization of America. But the same nation that elected its first Black president on a wave of hope—another four-letter word—is still plunged into endless culture wars.

How do Americans see race now? From the dream of integration to the reality of colorization, Who We Be remixes comic strips and contemporary art, campus protests and corporate marketing campaigns, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Trayvon Martin into a powerful, unusual, and timely cultural history of the idea of racial progress.

The full-color hardcover was designed by Stephen Serrato and features art by Morrie Turner, Brian Cross, Faith Ringgold, Norman Lewis, Glenn Ligon, Howardena Pindell, Daniel J. Martinez, Kori Newkirk, Hank Willis Thomas, Byron Kim, Coco Fusco, and many more.

The paperback was released in January 2016.